A Transcomposite Narrative

Memory is fact & fiction, history & myth.

This is the story of a woman’s wayward search for love, in which a widow, traumatized by the death of her young husband, risks her life and the lives of her sons when she ignores the wisdom of her own soul. Her troubled odyssey leads her to the Middle East, a Sharia court and ultimately, into the bed of an influential Arab. What she learns about the human condition, and the illusions we live by, will awaken that which lies dormant in most women—a sense of the untapped power and privilege of what it means to be female.

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True Feminism

Claiming Authority in Womanhood to Change Fundamental Reality

This is storytelling to investigate and heal through experiential encounter by reckoning with what's been made in order to resurrect and recreate what is possible.

For in the end, life is just a story.