A Therapy of Literary Merit

Two approaches in the soul of my practice to serve you.

The narrative therapist is a counselling practitioner while the autoethnographer is a qualitative researcher.

Together these two disciplines harness the power of story in the art of living life.

As an autoethnographer, I think with my story when I am fulfilling my role as narrative therapist. The deeper I have explored my own life, the greater capacity I have to walk with you in yours. Together, the world becomes bigger. We generate maps of knowing. We take wisdom further. And realize the sheer wonder of it all!



An artful approach to personal growth.

I have written evocative autoethnography using the laboratory of my own life as the crucible of individual and collective memory to tell story. This process allows me to see beyond the illusions that are shaping and framing my current experience. Whatever I have lived has been imprinted on my psychic field and it will inform what I encounter today until I reckon with it.

On this adventure as autoethnographer, I have the power to transmute the lies I've lived by and reclaim the truth of my being. It is sublime storytelling alchemy — a powerful process of releasing misinformation, false perceptions and fearful agreements.

My work is autobiographical and ethnographic. The writer in me is the researcher in me as I explore the personal and impersonal realms of experience through active imagination and the written word.

But there is something else ...

Autoethnography has turned out to be my apprenticeship for becoming a narrative therapist. Through the living, writing, and telling of my own story I have acquired skilled vision and embodied knowledge in service to others.

The process of writing autoethnography is an investigation into lived history and a translation of experience into the highest truth one is ready to confirm, hold, and share for the purpose of evolving the whole human endeavour.

Narrative Therapy

Narrative Therapy invites you on a journey to resurrect the stories that shape your life. It's a respectful and non-blaming approach that views problems and predicaments as opportunities for growth, allowing you to reauthor your narrative in a way that reflects your values, skills, and dreams. Through this dynamic co-creative process, you will discover new possibilities, leading to a deeper understanding of who you are as you anchor a more fulfilling life path.

What story is living you?

Magdalen Bowyer


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Imagine you are fully equipped to withstand change and move through it effortlessly as the old falls away and the new shows itself. In the process, you learn the lessons it brings. This is how potential is birthed!

What most of us have yet to realize is that finding refuge in the storm is available right where we are in any given moment, and when we move into agreement with the true self, the circumstances storming in our experience are altered as we take shelter in ease through our own soul’s knowing.

Our conversation is a sacred womb through which knowing is revealed and potential emerges. Working together, we become a tower of light and stability. Safety is the entire purpose of a lighthouse — it shows safe passage forward. As a traveler it’s important to know where you are and our work marks the spot to give you reference so you can ascertain where you are headed on the journey.


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