Magdalen Bowyer


Narrative Therapy

As an autoethnographic writer, feminist-transpersonal scholar and practicing psychotherapist, I work in a field of love to bring you home to yourself – the self who is sovereign, wise and inviting you to grow in wonder.

The fragmentation of humanity based on the idea we are separate from the Source of All Life will only be transcended from within an individual’s consciousness. Therefore the work of the world is inner work. To this end, I am a student of my own life for the benefit of all. For nothing can be achieved outwardly until it is first achieved within an individual.

When the grace of counsel works through me, I mentor your soul. The highest form of healing unfolds when a practitioner sees the whole of you and this is my spiritual modality of therapy. I serve to facilitate the emergence of wisdom from within you so you may live fully empowered and free. You may consider our time together as soul therapy. And I rely on the language of your own life story to guide us rather than expert knowledge or professional language of the clinician.

With an academic background in creative writing, women’s studies and psychology, and a MA in Applied Communication as an autoethnographer, I’m a Registered Professional Counsellor and Master Practitioner in Clinical Counselling with the Canadian Professional Counselling Association. I’m also a Certified Executive Coach with the International Coach Federation and a Creativity Coach under the tutelage of Eric Maisel. For those clients applying for insurance eligibility, my credentials are recognized as:

  1. Counsellor in all provinces and territories.

  2. Clinical Counsellor in all provinces and territories, except Ontario.

  3. Psychotherapist in all provinces and territories, except Ontario.

  4. Counselling Therapist in all provinces and territories, except regulated provinces.

In years past, I have interned students for Sofia University’s coaching program as well as Royal Roads University’s executive coaching program and I was an Associate Coach at the University of British Columbia. I’m certified in transpersonal psychology and through the Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy, I’ve enjoyed advanced narrative practice training. In my private practice, I’ve designed and taught three programs: Therapeutic Writes, LOVE 101 and The Art of Rising. I am a devoted Student of the Guides through the channelled teachings of Paul Selig. I draw on my direct experience with Dr. Joe Dispenza’s research and teachings as well as my decades of study with the Caroline Myss Educational Institute. I work in long traditions of spiritual psychology and align with wise mentors whose work continues to foster my own: Carl Jung, Esther Harding, Barbara Hannah, Marie-Louise von Franz, Helen M. Luke, Marion Woodman and Thomas Moore. Put simply, I’m inspired to engage and investigate the mystery of life while learning to express my deep intuition of order and my desire to help with living.

I work with the quantum model of reality which is about causing an effect by changing our internal state. I have a unique talent. I’m able to tune into an individual and reveal those aspects of identity that are blocked by fear. I employ an extensive comprehension of feminine and masculine energies in the human psyche, and I’m able to read the story living you. In essence, I help you learn how to overcome the emotional self, change your energy, maintain balance in times of great change, and ultimately generate new life experience in love and wisdom.

All sessions require only one thing — that you be open and willing to allow new knowledge into your cognitive awareness. This new knowledge will inspire your intention to become a master student of life which means you will, in short order, be willing to take full responsibility for your perception of life knowing that it is determining your experience.

What I know for sure is this: in every conversation I’m privileged to have with the people who entrust me with their story, there is always a moment — one particular moment — that feels miraculous. An insight is received. A direction is revealed. Imagination is sparked. And something is healed.

And I also know that every act of healing is an act of service for all beings across and beyond time.

There is, in truth, no such thing as a collective progress that does not spring from individual growth.

— Helen M. Luke

My Journey

The Path to Narrative Therapy

I have navigated many storms in my life and as a result, my practice originated from a deep, personal passion for holistic living. Recognizing the transformative power of narrative therapy, I was inspired to generate a space where individuals can experience compassionate and comprehensive care tailored to their needs.

As your counsellor, I share wisdom, creativity, new science and deep intuition to support your path to empowerment. I'm not the expert in your life -- you are! But I can midwife your potential when we work together.

Each of us must travel within to learn the divine authority of our own soul. And dominion comes when we are in agreement with our true self. For when we face the challenge of change, we discover we have within us the power to overcome.

Why I Care

Because every life matters! I am devoted to helping you understand the story living you so you can move beyond the past you have known into the potential of your destiny.

At the core of storytelling lives a self-identity. This sense of self becomes our centre of narrative gravity; that is, we believe it is who we are but it's actually part fantasy, part projection, part reflection of others. Consciousness is awareness. And when we change our energy by feeling into and beyond the story that has been living us, then the self-identifying mask comes off and a new awareness dawns.

Nothing changes until we embody what we learn through feeling the depth and breadth of our own story.

A hopeless dilemma or unattainable goal won't be solved or clarified on its own terms; rather, it loses urgency through the dawning of a new way of life.

My Soul Aesthetic

When we become fully human,
we become one whole body
of light.
The ‘One’ breath.
When we join that ‘One’ breath
we become whole;
we become ‘at-one’.
The breath conjoins
at the midpoint
which is the heart,
called the noon of our being.
This is where the nous lies.
We are all aspects of life,
of ‘One’ being,
of ‘One’ whole.
All aspects of life
have to be overcome.
It is true that everything
in our physical structure
is composed, and will decompose.
But we can overcome this process.

     ~The Gospel of Mary

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