Reclaim Your Life in Narrative Therapy

Welcome to my boutique private practice serving clients worldwide for 20 years.

If you're feeling overwhelmed in waves of change by the story that is your life, you're not alone. In the spirit of adventure, I am here to shine a light on your narrative, helping you reauthor that story so you can navigate in ease and find your way. Together, we will uncover the courage and wisdom that lie within your experience, guiding you towards a path of magnificent self-discovery.


Discover the Path to Your Wellbeing

Take heart. Let's navigate your story together.

Personalized Care

Every session is tailored to meet your unique needs, fostering a sacred space where your personal growth is the priority.


Gain insights & garner tools as you build awareness and move beyond your narrative to become the true author of your own life.

Compassionate Support

Be understood & supported every step as the way is lit from within our therapeutic conversation on the journey of discovery.

Navigating life's complex narratives together.

Embark on a journey to a more vibrant you.

When you book an appointment at the clinic, you're taking a step towards understanding the stories that shape your life. With years of experience in narrative therapy and transpersonal psychology, I possess a unique set of skills. I’m able to tune into an individual and reveal what is blocked by fear. I employ an extensive comprehension of feminine and masculine energies in the human psyche, and I’m able to read the story that is living you. That's right ... there is a story living you! And you're likely unconscious to it.

Now every story ever told has been told before in the great narrative of humanity. And humanity is currently riding a tide of transformation. So we are all called to resurrect our unconscious narratives and find our true story.

Working with me, you will feel heard, valued, and empowered in our therapeutic conversation. It's not just about therapy; it's about embarking on the ultimate adventure of self-discovery. For life is full of shifts and passages and how we choose to traverse sets our trajectory.


Meet Magi

A friend on your journey to self-discovery

A devoted psychotherapist, my clients have a direct line of communication with me — accessible through online booking, secure calls, and in-person sessions. The value of being able to talk to your therapist from the privacy of your own home after tucking the children in bed or during lunch break at the office or after weekend yoga class while resting on the beach or between scenes from the movie set or while travelling any place on the planet is priceless. We are makers of life. My mission is to be the loving space through which you can elevate yourself to do the work your life demands you do. It is a high calling. And a practical service. And having had the privilege to serve hundreds of people over the past two decades, I am highly skilled and richly trained.

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Change Your Story, Transform Your Life

The spirit underlying the relationship I have with clients who work with me is one of deep friendship over time. Psychotherapy literally translates to mean “soul care” and it is the essence of my service.
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Book Your Call

Feel the relief of agreeing to pay sincere, positive attention to the needs of your soul.
Relax into Sacred Space

Relax into Sacred Space

Learn what story is living you & how to change it.
Let Your Journey Unfold

Let Your Journey Unfold

Enjoy renewed confidence & creativity as you welcome new opportunity.

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